What’s Your Most Breathtaking Travel Moment in the Mountains?

So, where should we go? How about there! Image taken by Kevan Dee

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Moments. That’s what life is all about. Time may seem fluid, but our memories give us snapshots back to a certain experience. This might be why they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Images conjure up emotion and spark our imaginations. It makes us remember the event or excite us to experience it ourselves. This got us thinking… “What is YOUR most breathtaking travel moment in the mountains?”

Lead by Example – Showcase Our Most Breathtaking Travel Moments in the Mountains

To help spark your memory, we decided to share our all-time favorite moments we’ve experienced in the past few years.

Skiing Mt. Tallac in May

Mt Tallac Backcountry Skiing in May
Sean Geitner giving a thumbs up on the turns

Just starting out in the backcountry scene, attempting to summit Tallac was a BIG deal for us. So, we decided to enlist help from our mentor Sean Geitner. While the journey was tough and challenging, it was well worth it. Standing inside the South Bowl looking up at our tracks on the most perfect silken corn I’ve ever ridden, it was a moment that will forever be a part of my soul.


First Day Mountain Biking on Cold Creek

Powerline Cold Creek Trail Sign
Where to next?

Powerline Trail in Lake Tahoe might be the best intro to mountain biking, but it wasn’t until I hit Cold Creek that I really got hooked. Zipping down the smooth moderate pitch, I glided over each soft angle, barely touching the brakes. As we pulled up to the Cold Creek/Powerline crossing, I let the moment soak in. The feeling was incredible! It was like snowboarding powder in the trees except I was on a bike. From then on, I KNEW what I wanted to do in the summer – mountain bike.

Cat Skiing at Baldface Lodge

A nice coat of fresh snow over Baldface Lodge. Image taken by </strong

Hands down the BIGGEST, most breathtaking travel moment in my life was visiting Baldface Lodge. Growing up in the flatlands of the Midwest, the idea of traveling somewhere to go cat skiing was a fantasy. It was something that I chalked up to write on a bucket list and most likely never do. The idea to spend thousands of dollars for a four-day trip was just too hefty in my mind. Luckily, my wife-to-be at the time, saw my passion and said why not make it a reality. We saved up and made it part of our “Snowy Moon”! I still vividly remember being in the chopper with the clouds parting and suddenly the lodge appearing in front of me. This is the place that sparked my dream to make Local Freshies® a reality. Will I make it back to this magical place? I certainly hope so.

What’s YOUR breathtaking travel moment in the mountains? We’d love to share your stories on our social media outlets.

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