5 Tips For Your First Time Mountain Biking In The Mountains

Tahoe Mountain Biking Angora Ridge Trail

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So there we were… at the top of the 1500’+ climb in South Lake Tahoe. My friend was cursing me out and frustrated at the situation. His heart pumped at a furious pace while his legs tried locking up on him. Mental defeat had taken over. The mountain had won. It wasn’t until he dropped into the downhill that the negativity disappeared and shouts of joy rang out. As he picked up speed, the only thing I saw was a cloud of dust like from a cartoon. Arriving at the bottom, I looked over to him. Plastered on his face was a huge grin. “Well?”, I said. “OK, that was worth it.”, he laughed back. As we reflected on our mountain biking adventure, we realized that I could’ve made things smoother for him. Here’s 5 tips we learned from our journey to make it easier for your first time mountain biking in the mountains.

Indicate When The Long Climb Begins

Tahoe Mountain Biking Lake Tahoe in the distance
Preparing for the long slog up Tahoe Mountain

For people who grew up in the Great Plains or out East, you can use physical exertion to push through the small climbs. But in the mountains, that’s just not possible. The ascent is continuous. Unrelenting. To help with this, make sure you:

  • Slow Down Your Breath
  • Get in the right gear
  • Mentally prepare
  • Take it Slow

Explain the Climb in Grade and Distance

A lot of single track trails are documented on websites like Trail Forks or MTB Project. Use those tools to get an idea on how long the climb is, the average grade and maximum grade of the slope. Having this type of information when you’re doing the climb will help make it easier.

Get Ready To Be Humbled

Tahoe Mountain Biking Lake Tahoe in the distance
Nearing the summit of Tahoe Mountain with Lake Tahoe in the distance

No matter how good you are at sports or athleticism, climbing a mountain on a bike will humble you. My friend said it best. “I’ve never had to say no to ANY challenge in my life, but out here, the mountain will ALWAYS win.” The only way you can take that climb is by taking it at your own pace. DON’T try to keep up with the people around you. You just won’t be able to.

Keep Fueled Up

Cycling uphill requires a lot of energy. It’s not unusual to burn 1,000 or more calories per hour in some cases. To help alleviate an energy drop during your climb, eating a carbohydrate-rich snack pre- and during the ride is a good idea. Something like a PB&J or a bowl of oatmeal 30 minutes before your ride will make it that much easier. And of course, don’t forget to bring A LOT of water.

The Descent is Worth It

All that hard work is worth the downhill reward. From perfectly groomed banked turns to epic views, there’s nothing like gripping the handlebars and letting gravity do all the work. Be the cheerleader and make sure to reiterate that everyone’s doing awesome because they are! Climbing on a bike is 90% mental and 10% physical. Once you get to the top, be sure to take a break so you mentally remove the negativity from the climb.

Tahoe Mountain Biking Angora Ridge Trail
Angora Ridge Trail on Tahoe Mountain’s south side

These are just a few of the lessons we learned from our adventure. Do you have any additional tips on how to make it easier and more fun for first time bikers?

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