Best Women’s Hat With Ponytail Hole For Winter EVER!

Photo by: Local Freshies®

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In the past, I’d given up trying to wear or use clothing or gear specific to women. They were too tight. Didn’t have enough waterproof rating. Or just came in pink or purple. Being the female half of Local Freshies®, it seems like companies are finally starting to wake up and listen. I now have a winter jacket that works in ANY conditions to keep me toasty and dry. My snowboard boots no longer feel like torture devices. And now I’ve found the best women’s hat with ponytail hole for winter ever – Trailheads! From having fun next to a fire in a winter wonderland to cutting wood for my nluv Finish & Design Studio handcrafted wood journals, Trailheads is now officially my go-to winter hat.

Why I’m Not A Fan Of Normal Beanies

Photo by: Local Freshies®

Hat accessories might be one of the toughest things for me to find that I like. Normal beanies or stocking caps have to be worn snugly which in turn rub against my eyebrows or sit too low on my eyes to properly cover my ears. They typically fog up my glasses too. And don’t allow me to wear a ponytail easily.

What Makes The Trailheads Quilted Winter Trucker Hat Special

While I normally keep my hair in a ponytail and the Trailheads’ women’s hat with ponytail hole is a nice combo, their hat goes above and beyond my expectations. Here’s How:

Protection From The Elements

First off, the brim is really important to me. Most beanies are too tight allowing for snow/wind to hit your face. I wore this hat when we got over 7 FEET of snow in five days, and I was shocked at how it kept the snow/wind away from my eyes.

Kept Me Nice & Dry

Speaking about the blizzard conditions… I was impressed with how well it did with keeping moisture away from my face/head during the blizzard. The snow and ice may have been piling on the hat, but I didn’t feel it IN it.

Fits Perfectly Even With Glasses

trailheads womens hat with ponytail hole
Photo by: Local Freshies®

Be it sunglasses or regular glasses, the curved brim creates a shape that makes it easy to wear glasses. For those that wear glasses know all too well, they can get fogged up quickly or squeezed on the sides. I didn’t find these issues at all with this hat.

Installed Ear Muffs

Winter weather changes quickly. One day it can be sunny and warm on the skin. Another, it’ll be snowing and blowing like it’s a hurricane. I love that the hat has drop-down fleece ear coverings. The versatility gives me the chance to cover my ears without having to pull the hat down over my eyes like other stocking caps.

The “Elephant In The Room”

Along with all these other wonderful features, the Trailheads women’s hat with ponytail hole is situated at the perfect height in the back to allow you to easily have your hair sit comfortably outside the hat. And if the weather is terrible and you want to keep the elements out of your hair, there’s plenty of room under the hat to keep it all tucked in too. 

In summary, if you’re in the market for a women’s hat with ponytail hole, you won’t regret picking up the Trailheads version. I definitely want more than one!

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