Mt Bachelor open in September

The road to Mt Bachelor is beautiful any time of year but in spring the contrasts of green and white are breathtaking. Winter clinging to life on top of Mt Bachelor.

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In the last few seasons it seems as if Mt Bachelor has grasped the saying – “strike while the iron is hot.” From opening over 4th of July weekend to now setting up a park in September they’re trying their best to keep the stoke alive. Wait. What? How can Mt Bachelor open in September 2017? Well, a cold storm rambled through the West Coast dumping nearly a foot of snow on Mt Bachelor. I don’t know about you, but if you’re in the Pacific Northwest it’s time to grab your gear and get your jib on!

Mt Bachelor open in September 2017

Mt. Bachelor during our last trip in late May

First and foremost it’s still early in the season. In fact, we just turned the clock to autumn. But one of the best terrain park crews out there has taken advantage of the early season snow and thrown up some features. That means for those who want to come up for some early ski/snowboard park action you can! We know that any time there is snow on the ground there are those who will do anything to find something to shred on. Lastly Mt Bachelor will be open for unique “snowseeing” chairlift rides Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Chairlift rides will be for foot-passengers only this weekend. Skis, snowboards and bikes will not be allowed on the chairlift.

Cost? FREE!

This is a free, walk up park for everyone to enjoy at their own risk. It’s supposed to warm up pretty quick in the region so time is fleeting to get you’re shred on. So, if you feel like getting some time on your planks get out there before it’s too late.

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