Ski Resort Reopening… And It’s Crystal Mountain?!?

Crystal Mountain ski resort reopening for June Skiing Image appears courtesy: Crystal Mountain Resort

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When we created our hit list of where to go skiing in June, one that never even came up on our radar was Crystal Mountain just east of Seattle. Typically, their season shuts down by end of April with maybe a weekend or two in May as far back as I can remember. Like all things around this year, you have to be flexible and be ready. With that being said, we can’t be more excited to hear that Crystal Mountain is re-opening one last time.


What’s Open

Let’s be honest, by this time of year the amount of acreage open doesn’t matter. It’s more that they ARE open. For the 2020-21 spring session, Crystal will be running the gondola, giving you access to the Green Valley lift. From there, you can enjoy some sweet alpine terrain. Based on NOAA’s forecast, expect A LOT of sunshine! From what we can tell, one of our favorite apres spots, the Snorting Elk Cellar is re-open to satisfy those hungry or in need of a liquid refreshment. As well as the Fireside Cantina & Summit House will be serving food and beverages.

Seeing Mt Rainier from Crystal Mountain Ski Resort
Mt. Rainier on a winter’s day – Image appears courtesy: Crystal Mountain Resort

With the Crystal Mountain ski resort reopening, this is your chance to enjoy views of the towering Mt. Rainer one more time on a pair of skis or snowboard. If you are one of the lucky ones to make it up onto the hill, be sure to tag us. We’d love to share the stoke!


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  1. I’m confused. This post has the date of May 28, 2021. It references an article dated May 21, 2021. But the two comments about the article are dated June 3rd and June 4th, 2020! I don’t understand.
    Did Crystal do this last year and they are reopening again this year? If so, why are last year’s comments appearing on this year’s article?!

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