What To Look For In A Custom MTB Jersey & Review Of Northwest Tech

007 bass lake ca mountain biker wearing northwest tech custom mtb jersey Photo by: Local Freshies

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After a full season of rocking a pair of Northwest Tech snowboard pants, we’ve become BIG fans of their products. You can see they put a lot of thought into how to make them bullet proof and functional. As the snow has receded up to the highest peaks, our attention has transitioned to mountain biking. Despite having a few shirts that we use for mountain biking, we’ve never had a REAL custom mtb jersey designed for the sport until this spring. And I must admit after going on a few rides with a Northwest Tech Custom MTB Jersey, I can’t even imagine riding without it.

Why Pick-up One Up

Compared to a normal t-shirt, a mountain bike jersey uses materials that wick away sweat and dry quickly to prevent you from overheating. Even on the coldest summer days, pedaling up a mountain will warm you up rather quickly. Another thing to note, high quality mtb jerseys have a Raglan Sleeve. This allows for more freedom of movement AND moves the seam away from your backpack straps that may cause chafing on longer rides.

You Can Skip The Slim

One of the best things about mountain biking is that the clothing is designed more like motocross fitting and less like road cycling. The idea of wearing tight spandex has never been something I found enjoyable. In the immortal words of Shaun Palmer:

“All I had to do was wear spandex to win, but instead I wore a baggy motocross outfit, because I thought spandex was stupid.”

Maybe it’s because of my days of being a skateboarder, but I still enjoy looser fitting clothing when it comes to athletic activities.

How Baggy Or Tight?

With that being said, how baggy or tight should you go? The basic rule is to find something that’s loose enough that you can throw on pads underneath but tight enough that it doesn’t just flap in the wind like a sail.

Short Sleeve Or Long Sleeve?

No matter how much you like rocking short sleeve T’s, you may want to consider picking up a long sleeve or at least a ¾ sleeve. Why? Even on the mellowest singletrack, you’ll come upon thorny bushes, random branches, and other natural “pokey” objects. And unfortunately, we’ve learned this the hard way. Also, a longer sleeve helps make sure you don’t get sunburned from the brutal sun, and if you do happen to encounter the earth, you’ll have a bit of protection too.

Review Of The Northwest Tech Jersey

007 bass lake ca mountain biker wearing northwest tech custom mtb jersey
Photo by: Local Freshies

Now that you have a basic gist of what to look for in a jersey, let’s delve into the Northwest Tech’s Custom MTB Jersey. For starters, just like their made in USA custom ski pants, you can get EXACTLY what you want from a design perspective. We’re big fans of bright colors so this was a no brainer.

Thought Of Everything

They’ve checked off all the most important things you need for a quality custom mtb jersey. Their sleeves are Raglan style making sure you don’t chafe. The material they’re made of is moisture wicking. The back of their shirts have a drop tail rear meaning the front is normal length and back is longer. This gives you added protection from rain, mud, and any other debris that your tire may kick up. They call their fit “enduro-style” since it isn’t too baggy or too tight and have to agree that it’s the perfect fit.

What Makes Them A Bit Different

Besides picking the colors and sleeve lengths, there’s a few additional bells and whistles we were impressed with. For those that go for short rides, the optional stash pocket for keys or a phone is pretty slick. Another feature is the 4-way stretch fabric. We originally thought this was some kind of marketing spiel. It wasn’t. But until we put it on and went for a ride, we then began to realize what they meant. No matter how you bend or move, the jersey feels like you’re wearing silk. It just doesn’t bunch or tighten up in any direction you twist or contort your body.

Is Bomb Proof Too Much?

The only down-side to their custom mtb jersey is how bomb proof it is. It is moisture wicking but it’s a bit heavier than I expected. If you ride in a place that routinely gets above 90 degrees or hotter, you may regret the thickness. A good way to solve for this problem is to go with a short sleeve. Since it’s rarely above eighty in Tahoe, this isn’t a problem for me.

Who Would Like It

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is VERY true with the Northwest Tech Custom MTB Jersey. They’re made in the US with the best fibers on the market. You have the opportunity to pick your colors, sleeve length, and a few other features. While they’re going to be more expensive than an overseas product, you’ll get something that’s bomb proof and will last for years.

One-Time 10% Off Northwest Tech Gear

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