Local Freshies goes to Idaho – The last frontier of skiing & snowboarding

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” While researching for our 2017 Local Freshies® annual road trip, we wanted an amazing destination you don’t normally hear about. A place that is different. Somewhere untouched and pure. There are great mega-resorts all over North America like Lake Tahoe, Utah, Whistler, and Colorado. But in our digging, we found one particular region that had eluded us. When people talk about Idaho in winter, you usually think of Sun Valley, but what about the rest of the state? What else exists for skiing and fun in Idaho?

There’s more to Idaho than just potatoes

Skiing in Idaho Idaho Trout

Fresh Idaho trout, roasted red potatoes, ancho beurre blanc sauce, and seasonal vegetables Courtesy of the Wallace Chamber of Commerce

Idaho produces more potatoes and trout than any other state. It is named the “gem state” thanks to its history of mining of over 72 different types of precious & semi-precious stones. But its biggest treasure is neither of those. Simply put – it is Idaho’s true spirit of adventure. From access to the largest roadless wilderness in the US (outside of Alaska) to the biggest elk herds on the country, you’ll experience nature in the largest scale you’ve ever seen!

What about skiing/snowboarding?

Skiing in Idaho powder day Brundage

Deep powder day at Brundage Mountain – Image Courtesy: McCall Chamber of Commerce

Amongst the conifers and mountain peaks surrounded by wilderness, there are over 18 different resorts you can visit. In our two week journey, there is no way to ride all of them. Instead, we decided to focus on resorts alongside their unique ski-towns to experience the local culture at its fullest. Our sights narrowed in on two particular regions:

Wallace – History and Hollywood

Skiing in Idaho 1313 Cafe

Inside of 1313 Club Courtesy of the Wallace Chamber of Commerce

The first leg of our trip will be the historic town of Wallace. Many ski-towns attempt to keep their history intact, but Wallace embraces it. Prostitution may no longer exist there, but you can still look back at its colorful past of bordellos and the mining industry to really get a feel of just how wild this part of the world once was. Wallace is also where the 1997 film Dante’s Peak was shot using actual citizens as extras. We will spend the week exploring the town, soaking up the history and meeting the locals. Of course our road trip wouldn’t be complete without some powder and insider tips, so we’ll also check out two of the snowiest resorts in Idaho.

Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area

Lookout has a reputation for legendary powder, earliest openings, and the longest season in the region. They are the lucky recipients of light, high-grade Northern Rockies snow, averaging 400″ annually. Located on the mountain pass with the same name, Lookout Pass is considered the border of the historic Silver Valley. We’re looking forward to exploring this “gem” in Northern Idaho.

Silver Mountain Resort

In 1989, the town of Kellogg closed the road to Silver Mountain due to dangerous winter conditions. That definitely sounds bad for skiing. The silver lining to the story is they installed one of the world’s longest gondolas stretching over 3 miles and rising nearly 3,400′ to get you safely to the base of Silver Mountain resort. That combined with the open boundary policy and steep glades of the Ponderosa Pines makes this a must-hit on our journey.

McCall – The last great place

Skiing in Idaho Snowmobiling McCall

Snowmobiling in the McCall region – Image Courtesy: McCall Chamber of Commerce

Up next, we’ll head south to McCall. A town of only 2,925, this quiet village has access to two major ski resorts, amazing cuisine, and a ton of Idaho adventure. It also claims to receive some of the highest snowfall levels in the state. From snowmobiling to the Burgdorf Hot Springs and even an elk sleigh ride in between our skiing/snowboarding, our time will be full of fun.

Brundage Mountain

Skiing in Idaho powder day Brundage

Brundage Mountain overlooking the valley – Image Courtesy: McCall Chamber of Commerce

Compared to other resorts that will be left unnamed, Brundage is still family owned. Its soul is intact and pumping furiously. With the addition of two new lifts in 2007, it has expanded its acreage to over 1,500 acres with a vertical drop of 1,800′. It also has lift-served backcountry access. When you combine Brundage’s family heritage, with its inbounds and backcountry reach, we call that real adventure and we’ll be there to experience it all.

Tamarack Resort

Located 20 miles from McCall, this resort opened for the 2004/05 season and is the first four-season resort to be built in the US in over 22 years. The resort receives 300″ annually and also has access to lift-served backcountry. The best part, though, may be in the views of the largely untouched Payette River Mountain range. Our hearts will be pumping and our camera snapping as we take it all in.

We at Local Freshies® are excited to hit the road and share our Idaho experience. This is just an introduction to our journey so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course our website as we explore with the Locals so that YOU can be a local wherever you go!

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